Rats for Sale – How to pick the right pet

Rats are members of the rodent family. They are small, come in many different colors and patterns, and have very long incisors that never stop growing. There are many species of rats all over the world, and most of them make wonderful and interesting pets. The most common pet rat worldwide is the standard brown rat, but Dumbo rats, hairless rats, and desert rats all make great companions.

Where to Buy a Rat

Rats for Sale Before purchasing rats for sale, keep in mind that it will need constant care for its entire life span of two to two-and-a-half years. Rats can be purchased from a breeder or from a pet shop, but purchasing from a breeder is the best route. Most breeders will provide guarantees on their rats, so consumers can return them if they are not satisfied. Breeders allow their customer to see the parents of the rats for sale and know the babies’ exact birthdates. When purchasing rats for sale in a pet store, this is not the case. The parents of the rats are usually hidden from view, and the rats’ birthdates are a mystery. Though pet stores can be great places to purchase rats for sale, there is not as much information about the rats available.

Getting Ready for a Rat

Rats for Sale Rats for sale, like all rodents, need a comfortable habitat. Many breeders and experts agree that prospective rat owners should purchase the habitat a few days before the rat itself. This way, there is ample preparation time and the cage is ready for the rat as soon as it is brought home.

A rat habitat consists of a cage, a food dish and water bottle, floor covering, and safe treats for endless gnawing. It is best to have all of these things in place and ready to go before bringing home a new pet rat. Doing so will minimize the trauma the rat experiences from traveling and facing new surroundings.

Rat Selection

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting pet rats for sale. Start by looking at the rat’s cage. Is it clean and not overly crowded? Are there a food dish and a water bottle in sight? Are they full? Are the rats separated by sex? These are all very important, and if the answer to any of these questions is no, do not purchase a rat from this seller. Look elsewhere.

Rats for Sale The health of the rat for sale is also very important. Always look for big, bright eyes. Any rat that seems lethargic or does not look around is likely sick or injured. A rat should have a firm body and no discharge coming from the ears, eyes, mouth, or nose. The rat should be able to run around and climb using all of its legs. Purchase rats when they are around six weeks of age for ideal domestication. Although rats are not aggressive by nature, they can become skittish if they mature into adulthood without human interaction. For this reason, it is important to purchase young rats. Choosing a rat breed is also important, since a hairless rat requires different care than a fancy rat.

All of these things are very important, but these tips are simple to follow. Knowing a little about rats, putting together an ideal habitat, and knowing how to determine the health of the rat are the first steps in purchasing rats for sale.